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Simpli5 in Hampshire

Simpli5 treatment from £1150

Simpli5 is an orthodontic treatment available at Andover Smile Centre that involves the use of only 5 clear aligners to correct minor abnormalities of both the lower and upper front teeth. For those who require minimal movement of their teeth – minor crowding and tooth gaps for example – Simpli5 is an excellent choice to achieve smile perfection. Simpli5 is the number one choice for patients who want quick and effective results, but through a discreet treatment process.

Comfortable, quick and extremely effective

As discreet as the Invisalign system Simpli5 aligners can be easily removed, making activities like eating and cleaning your teeth a simple matter.

What’s more, the aligners cause next to no difficulty when talking and are virtually invisible to others around you. It takes 4 weeks for your aligners to be prepared, after which treatment time is as little as 10 to 20 weeks, making Simpli5 treatment a speedy process. The cost of Simpli5 is another plus for many patients, as it is cheaper than the majority of other teeth straightening systems.

The treatment process

The treatment process for Simpli5 will typically go as follows:

Stage 1 - Your Free Consultation

Initially, we will need to ascertain whether you are suitable for Simpli5. This will be based on the condition of your teeth and whether the treatment would be able to achieve the results you desire. If you are found to be unsuitable for treatment then our team will discuss other options with you.

Stage 2: Aligner preparation

If you are successful then impressions will be taken of your teeth and the aligners will be created. This process involves the use of the latest 3D technology to make sure the aligners are created specifically for your teeth.

It’s time to start getting to grips with your first aligner. There will be minimal discomfort at first, but this is to be expected with any orthodontic treatment. Each aligner will need to be worn for about 4 weeks, depending on your individual case. Each aligner will gradually become looser fitting, but this just means that the aligners have done their job and it’s time to move onto the next one. You will likely need to have only 5 aligners for your entire treatment, and will need to attend check-ups around every 5 to 6 weeks to ensure treatment is going as intended, with total treatment time taking around 4 months.

Stage 4: Enjoy your new smile!

The job is done and you can be proud of your brand new smile, without needing to worry about covering your teeth or hiding away from cameras when out with your friends.

If you have your own dentist or are just passing through Hampshire and would like an appointment with our hygienist we will be happy to see you.

So why not get in touch Call us on: 01264 323033 We are here to help
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