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AcceleDent from £984

As part of our commitment to pioneering dentistry and innovative orthodontic solutions, Andover Smile Centre is offering the new AcceleDent System, which decreases orthodontic treatment time for braces such as Invisalign, Damon ,six month smile ,Inman Aligner and other clear aligner systems.

The AcceleDent System

AcceleDent is a dental device for brace wearers to facilitate and accelerate tooth movement and straightening. With the AcceleDent System your orthodontic treatment time is reduced by up to 50%, and is able to achieve beautiful, straight teeth in a fraction of the usual time. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment can ask us about the AcceleDent orthodontic system for faster more effective brace treatment.

How the AcceleDent System works

The AcceleDent system is comprised of an Activator, a Mouthpiece, a Charging Port and a Travel Shell. The Mouthpiece is custom designed by your dentist to fit the contours of your mouth and teeth. The Mouthpiece fits onto the hands-free Activator, which generates and transmits micro-vibrations to your mouth and teeth.

The transmitted micro-vibrations focus the force of the brace and enable gentle tooth movement for faster treatment. Each treatment session with the AcceleDent system lasts for approximately 20 minutes and allows you to continue with your daily activities unhindered.

The Activator is programmed with compliance information, which is monitored by your dentist. The AcceleDent system is easily stored and transported by means of the Travel Shell, so that your daily orthodontic treatment can continue, whether you are enjoying leisure activities or business functions.

Benefits of AcceleDent

The benefits of AcceleDent include:

  • Accelerated Orthodontic treatment time with daily 20-minute sessions
  • Quicker orthodontic results, improving appearance and comfort
  • Fully compatible with any braces treatment, such as Invisalign, Damon braces, Inman Aligner, Clearstep and Simpli5
  • Flexible use for adults or younger patients and easily transported

Risks of AcceleDent

After extensive research the AcceleDent System is considered a completely safe orthodontic device, but should always be used under the recommendations of your dentist.

The AcceleDent system does not cause any pain and research indicates that people using AcceleDent as part of their orthodontic brace treatment actually experience greater relief and relaxation due to the micro-vibrations, which provide a form of "massage" within the mouth.

AcceleDent Treatment Process and Wellbeing

During your orthodontic progress and use of AcceleDent, you will be monitored by your dentist to ensure you get the most from your treatment.

If you have your own dentist or are just passing through Hampshire and would like an appointment with our hygienist we will be happy to see you.

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