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When Might You Require a Root Canal?

Our teeth are extremely delicate and unfortunately, most of us will require a filling from time to time due to the presence of a cavity. In some cases, this involves a treatment called root canal.

How do we know when a root canal is required and why is it important to see your dentist at the first sign of trouble?

- Minor tooth pain can normally signal a dental cavity that will treated with a filling.

- Severe pain or a discoloured tooth could hint at a larger problem - a larger cavity that requires a root canal.

- A root canal procedure will end your tooth pain as the infection will be removed.


"Some cavities are easily remedied with fillings while others will require root canal therapy."


Understand long-term benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are modern teeth replacements consisting of a titanium post being inserted into your jaw and a dental crown attached at the end. What are the long-term benefits of dental implants?

Key takeaways:

- Dental implants prevent the jaw bone from dying by stimulating growth.

- Dental implants prevent your teeth from shifting and reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.

- You can eat and drink all your favourite foods and speak normally without pain or discomfort.


If you have missing teeth, talk to your dentist about getting dental implants.

Read more here:


Who is at most risk of dental erosion?


Dentists have always suspected that men are more susceptible to dental erosion than women and researchers seem to have proved it.

Key takeaways:

- Although acidic drinks and food can cause dental erosion, some people have an increased genetic susceptibility to this damage.

- Research has proved that men are slightly more at risk to dental erosion than women due to genetics.

- While girls may have stronger enamel, that can be negated by bad eating habits, eating disorders, and bad dental hygiene.

Read the full story here: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-01-girls-stronger-teeth-boys.html


An extra floss goes a long way!

Some foods easily get stuck in between your teeth and can cause damage if not removed. An extra floss after eating these foods can help prevent any damage - your dentist will thank you!

Key takeaways:

- Sweet foods such as popcorn and caramel can damage your enamel and gums.

- Although foods such as spinach are good for your teeth and overall health you may want to floss to remove any unsightly stragglers.

- Stringy fruit like pineapple and mango easily get stuck.

"A little bit of floss goes a long way when it comes to dislodging food and protecting your smile."

Read the full story here: https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/which-foods-require-additional-flossing/


Need to know: children and health dental

The startling number of children needing hospital treatment for dental problems shows how important it is for children to have regular check-ups and to learn how to look after their teeth.

Key takeaways:

- Make sure your child sees a dentist when their first tooth comes through.

- Encourage regular routines for brushing teeth.

- Monitor their diet and limit sugary drinks.

Regular visits to the dentist means your child's dental health is monitored and they learn what to expect at an examination.

Get them to pick a toothbrush with their favourite character on,”

Read the full story here:



Dr. Aarti Kohli Jain (Principal Dentist)

Hi, Im Aarti Kohli Jain and I moved up to Andover Smile Centre because of their particular approach to dentistry is BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE… minimal treatment…beautiful smiles.

You know how some people are self-conscious and unhappy about the look of their smile and suffer with low self-esteem Which means that you don’t feel very confident in your social life and at work. Well, what I can do is improve your smile with new minimal dentistry techniques and a very gentle touch, which means that your teeth will look fantastic and be healthy and long lasting, so you can be more confident when you meet new people.

I am very interested in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and facial aesthetics and this allows me to help people who are conscious and unhappy about various aspects of their smile, teeth and gums to achieve optimal health, function and aesthetics.

The satisfaction I receive as a dentist, knowing I am helping people improve their smiles and lead happier, healthier lives with increased self-esteem is hugely gratifying.

I keep abreast with the latest techniques and innovations in my field which helps me provide unparalleled patient care and the highest quality dentistry available today. I have a very gentle and caring approach towards my patients especially the nervous ones and try my best to allay their anxieties and phobias and treat them in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

I graduated in India in 2002 and since then have worked in both hospital and private dental settings. I completed my year-long vocational training at Blackbrook Dental Practice, Taunton and subsequently worked in private dental practices in the Hampshire area (Oasis Dental Care, Andover; Marshall's Dental Practice and Linden Dental Centre in Old Basing, Basingstoke).

I enjoy spending time with my family especially my daughter Aanya. I love adventure sports and travelling. My next personal goal is to learn to swim so I can undertake scuba diving training with my husband. Some people can often spell my name wrong Arty, Arti or Artie - I don’t mind but really it’s Aarti!


So why not get in touch Call us on: 01264 323033 We are here to help
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